Aviva’s Week 6 PPJ!

Oh boy! What can I tell you. I did not have a productive week. Not gonna beat around the bush.

The Good: I did some block in, but not much.

The Bad: I did not NEARLY as much as I needed to. I kept doing this thing where I came to the labs and sat at my seat for hours but could not motivate myself to get anything done. Possible link to more serious issues? Possible. If you have any motivation tips please them me know, I feel like I’m sitting in glue. Better yet, the Doldrums from the Phantom Tollbooth.



4 thoughts on “Aviva’s Week 6 PPJ!

    1. oh boy I should’ve specified — I did not draw that one, It’s an illustration from The Phantom Tollbooth so I can’t take credit. Just looked it up though and the artist is still alive so I’ll pass the compliment along lol


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