PPJ# 11- Aidan

Its the beginning of the week and I am already sick, I have a fever and the shakes, and I almost fainted! This past week I worked on my animation trying to have it up to our advisor’s standards. I also worked on the Danger flower, I had forgotten to UV him, so I fixed that but them the blend shape I had on the flower inverted itself, which wasn’t very nice. I ended up working on the sitting blendshape for the dog this weekend (until I got sick yesterday…) and now all I need to do is set up the blend shape sdks and we should be golden. I’m now really behind on work so I’m hoping this bug goes away before tomorrow.


The Good: Just need to do SDK’s on the Dog ad everything should be a-okay.

The Bad: I’m sick, which is putting me really behind on my work. I need to get better fast, and I need to finish my updated block in. There are also certain member(s) on my team that don’t know why I’m so anxious for the outcome of our animation for the end of the term.