PPJ #11 – Team

We’re continuing to work on pop-thrus and block-ins. Our next steps are to surface the characters, finalize the environments, and continue to refine the animation.

Good: We are finally animating. We’re also updating textures. Everyone has some version of the popthru coming up this week.

Bad: Everyone is a little burnt out from midterms. We’re still having some software hiccups as the labs have transitioned from Renderman 20 to Renderman 21 (referencing scenes in that already had textured files). Our midterm presentation was a disappointing, but we hope we can bounce back in full swing for the end of the term presentation. This could have been a more productive sprint, but it was not. 



One thought on “PPJ #11 – Team

  1. Social contact is nature’s antidote to stress! If y’all are feeling burnt out, your team should try taking a trip to a museum, or a garden, or for a fun, non-alcoholic drink! It’s always a good day for group bonding.


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