PPJ #11 – Will Reardon

After our mid-term presentation last week, we continued to refine our animation       block-ins and push forward in our other important production areas. As for me, I updated my block in from a 2D animatic to a 3D Maya scene. I also began full animation on some parts of the scene, like the man’s walk and crouch. I also put some work into textures this week, creating textures for several of our environment assets and creating a more polished texture for the man.

I blocked out my scene on Wednesday which took me approximately seven hours in total. While rough, it is still a full block in of all animation I will have to complete. Therefore, I feel that this is a large step in the production of our animation. It honestly feels good to know that our animation is blocked out in its entirety.

As for the texturing I completed this week, I would say it took about 4 hours to polish the man with regular checks to see how my photoshop texture translated to the renders. The plants took about 3 hours to complete.

For the next week I intend to do a lot of animating for my scene. My goal is to have the whole of my scene animated for the next week. Even if it is in a rough state, it would be good to have it all past the block in stage.