PPJ #12 Cali

My scene is about a minute in our 3:37 animation. That’s about 30% of the animation on my own. During the crit it was suggested I cut two scenes, which total about 6 seconds. The emotions in my scene fluctuate a lot between anger, frustration, confusion, and guilt, so there are a lot of big movements for anger and frustration, and a lot of subtle movements for confusion and guilt. I hope I can pull it off. Right now, there are some scenes where the man is still in T-pose, but the timing for the shot is there. I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me. Since people have started using the man in their scenes, they’ve noticed he doesn’t move in ways they need him to, so I’ve been making tweaks, trying to make the man easier for the animators to use.

The Bad: I passed my character texturing on to Will so I can focus on finishing the man’s blendshapes and making the animation in my scenes look good. There’s a lobby display poster deadline for Friday, so I’m also having some anxiety about getting all the environment, rendering and texturing in for the scene in a way that accurately represents what our animation is about.

The Good: I’m happy about the state of our animation process. Everyone seems to feel more confident now that we have character animation and everything is blocked in in 3D. I like the idea of blend shapes, but executing them is tedious. I haven’t done them before so I’m happy I’m learning something new. I also got to spend time with family this weekend, which I haven’t seen for months. There’s a new baby, and after spending time with people from different walks of life, it was a refreshing reminder that there’s more to life than school and work — and it reminded me why I started doing animation in the first place. Inevitably, the child will be raised on entertainment and I’m going to be part of that.