PPJ #12 – Anna Rebman

This week it has been rather difficult to find computers in the lab to work on. Some of the computers are buggy and other than that there are just a lot more people working in the labs and it probably will only get worse the closer to finals it gets.

I’ve been trying out the smoother animation on a few shots in my scene. We are planning to try and get at least a few shots polished enough to render for the final presentation this term. We don’t want to waste time rendering anything that’s still at pop-thru quality, but getting a few different scenes batch rendered would prove our pipeline and allow people to see what we are expecting for our environments and textures.


This week I have been focusing on animation, but I’ve also done some instancing in the environment to scatter the plants around efficiently. We are also getting familiar with Renderman 21 and I’m really liking the new surface shader. It consolidates a lot of old materials into one so adding subsurface scattering is really easy. There is also a iridescence slider now which we may be using a little bit on our dog’s eyes.

The Bad: Resources are limited. Getting decent computers to work on is starting to get competitive. Underclassmen will be working on their finals from here on and will need rendering resources too. Tours in the building for prospective students are happening and I hate it (I feel like I’m an animal in an exhibit). Work for other classes, social life, etc. is suffering.

The Good: Suspiciously nice weather?? Progress is being made. I feel confident in our schedule.