PPJ #12 Team

Everyone in the team is jumping between responsibilities this sprint. Everyone is responsible for their own pop-thru in addition to whatever tasks need to be completed. These tasks have included finishing up environment model textures, instancing plants in scenes, finalizing dog blendshapes (the man is almost there, his beard adds another layer of complexity), getting a new pass of dog and man textures to comply with Renderman 21, doing some research on Renderman 21 materials, and so on. The hallway poster deadline adds a lot more pressure to get these assets done faster because we want to prove our pipeline and make a good impression of the University’s animation program.

For the end of this term, our (revised) plan is to have a pop-thru, with close-to-polish animation, from beginning to end. As it stands, our animation is 3:37.

The Good: Everyone has been putting in a lot of good, hard work. We’re getting more confident about our pipeline now that our characters are being animated. Our story has more life! The weather has also been amazing (60 degrees!) which has spiked everyone’s mood out of the winter doldrums.

The Bad: We’re still a little behind. Finalizing the story helped exponentially getting us back on track, but we’re still playing catch up on our overall goals. Resources are getting extremely competitive as winter term creeps closer to finals week. The labs are full at night and it’s hard to get a computer if you haven’t been working in the lab all day. Machines are constantly in use, while some are still buggy.  



One thought on “PPJ #12 Team

  1. The weather has been so nice recently. I’m not sure what is about 60° weather that gets me so chipper about going into a dull white lab to stare at a computer for 12 hours, but Lobsters are definitely feeling it.

    In regards to resources, let’s make sure we keep lines of communication open between the animation teams. Although we’re different teams, SPROJ is a group effort. A little talking will definitely help everyone out.


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