PPJ #12 – Will Reardon

Animating! (and some texturing). Now that we have passed the midpoint of the production term our whole team is focusing on the animation of the project. We have completed our animation tests and our block-ins. Now the main focus is fully animating and refining our individual scenes.

I have the first scene in our animation and I completed my full block-in last week. After critiquing our block ins as a group, I set to work refining and fully animating the scene. I started with the man. I animated his walk, crouch, and standing motions. That means I have to animate him searching some brush and using a bottle.

When I had most of the man’s motions animated, I began to animate the dog. I figured I should create some of the dog’s motion before finishing the man. I now have the dog taking an inquisitive stance and jumping down from tall rocks. This is a big improvement over the full-body sliding I had in last week.

Other than animation, I also refined textures for the man this week. Next week I will do the same for the dog, which means all of our main assets/characters will be textured in a final state.