PPJ#12 -Aidan Dougher

This week was a roller coaster. I’ve gone from Animating, to applying the final blendshapes of the dog to applying textures for our environment models. But it has been fun. First, I redid my scene from our animatic in class, and I’m going to be doing another iteration of it this week. Then I worked on applying the SDK’s to our dog’s rig while making sure some of our environment assets were UV unwrapped correctly. For some reason, our Dog’s file was so large that it took a while for Maya to process the driver and the driven to set our SDK’s, which was a bit strange, but after that I optimized the scene and we are now good to go!

I am now onto texturing the environment assets, which I’m not sure how well I’m doing on them, I think I have captured the sort of painterly look that my team wants to go for but, until my team fully reviews the textures, I won’t know if I should change anything. Which right now would be helpful considering I’m just going through all of our plants and texturing them now. We also have a goal to get them all surfaced by Thursday and I’m hoping we meet that goal.


The only bad thing about my week is that I feel like senior project has consumed my life entirely and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten that I do take other classes. I did remember to sign up for classes next term though so hurray for that! I’m excited to take experimental animation next term, I almost forgot it was offered.

The Good: Dog rig is done (for now).

The Bad: Overall, the team is still behind, but if we put our noses to the grindstone we can make it through.


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  1. Your plants are looking great, and the dog’s expressions are phenomenal. I’m sorry that you feel like SPROJ is eating you life, but on the bright side, you’ll have a great animation in just a few more months.


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