Aviva Week 8 PPJ

This week I spent a lot of time working on our poster. This started with me placing plants in the environment, creating textures, and texturing plants. I spent most of the week arranging the scene and worked very hard to get it in on time. Our render took about 6-7 hours when it was done I did a bunch of color correcting and editing in Photoshop (after it was put through Nuke).

The good: got the poster done, spent a lot of time working on it which got progressively more frustrating as our files got larger and larger. Working on photoshop was the worst because after we handed it in at midnight on Saturday I stayed back to do some more edits which took me about 2.5 hours, though if I wasn’t working with a gigantic file, probably would’ve taken about 20 minutes. Nonetheless, it is completed.

The bad: I rewarded myself and my hard work by taking it wasy the past two days. But then slept in until around 3 today and forgot about a team meeting. Disappointed everyone.

First picture = render out of Maya, Second = final poster