PPJ #13 – Anna Rebman

We’ve all been working like crazy trying to get the poster finished. I mainly did lighting, render set up, and compositing, but there was so much to do. We had to switch out a lot of plant textures that should have already been switched out but because people duplicated the meshes after they were referenced (Don’t do this.), the textures were disconnected from the referenced files. Furthermore, a lot of the textures that were due on Thursday were not actually done. It’s a little frustrating because there were some alleged misunderstandings about the deadlines, but we did repeatedly talk about the deadline for the poster both in class and in our meetings and on Slack. There are receipts. There are emails. There shouldn’t be this much confusion. I don’t know how to emphasize deadlines and meeting times to people anymore without literally tattooing it to their face. We talked about maybe Slack is too cluttered. We tried using a special “Noticeboard” channel on Slack for just the important things like deadlines and meeting times, but people are still missing meetings and deadlines.

#noticeboard on Slack

Those of us who are meeting deadlines and showing up to meetings on time cannot pull the weight of the project by ourselves. We all have a little less than a minute to animate and we can’t afford to animate anyone else’s shot as well as our own. I’m getting really tired of hearing apologies and not seeing any changes. I know people are stressed and overwhelmed but we can’t afford to fall behind and we can’t afford to cut stuff just because someone didn’t get around to it. We didn’t get all our scenes to pop-thru in time for the presentation which I’m still bitter about. I know not everyone is in this for the animation but it needs to get done. We cannot afford to be perfectionists about the environment and the textures. It is way too late for that. I can’t do this by myself. I need people to start doing the stuff they agreed to do, and I need them to do it before the deadlines. I can’t pull their weight for them. I literally can’t. I have enough of my own work to do. I cannot start doing other people’s work.

Click here to see the full size PDF.

The actual poster is 10x this size and higher quality.

The Bad: I’m angry. I’m scared. I’m frustrated. I’m ashamed. Our adviser is mad at us and he should be. I know what I need to do and I know I can get it done before the presentation, but I have limited confidence in the team as a whole. I can’t take over another minute of animation just because someone’s not doing their work. We all had to be here texturing and lighting and compositing, putting everything else on hold, because our poster was nowhere near finished on Thursday. Now everyone’s exhausted but there is no time to relax. None. I don’t know how to get people to realize how far behind we are. They don’t seem to be worried. It’s really hard to put the fear in them when they turn off their phone and don’t show up to meetings.

The Good: I’m meeting my deadlines and showing up to meetings on time. My scene got the audience reaction at the presentation, and it’s the furthest along. It’s a hollow victory if the rest of the animation doesn’t start catching up.