PPJ #13 – Team

The poster deadline was a huge hiccup for us this week. Although it isn’t our focus, it is a singular promotional piece that represents our project, and it needed to look nice and be accurate. We learned a lot about each other and the pipeline as we were assembling the poster, considering it is a singular composed scene. The biggest thing we learned is that everyone on our team is not on the same page on how scene references work, which resulted in strenuously large file sizes. We still have a lot of issues with textures, whether that is a lack of them being completed or continuing to swap out old Renderman textures for the R21 surface shaders.

Team members are frustrated, worried, and scared about others pulling their weight. From the project management perspective, it seems to be a lack of personal drive from individuals to get their assigned tasks done on time, which is accompanied by excuses. There is a paper trail of deadlines (we have a Slack channel called Noticeboard) and team meeting times, yet people still manage to miss them or be late. It is not my job to micromanage how people do their jobs or spend their time. I want to at the very least see the deadlines met, but that hasn’t been happening. It’s Week 8, and the repeated offenders have gotten multiple talkings to. Time to hunker down.

Our advisor is dissatisfied with the state of things. We need to impress him with better animations this week so he is not disappointed in us. Anna’s impressive animations have been pulling the weight of the team. We need to be better for at least Anna. Our goal this week is to have a fully animated, clean shot of at least 4 seconds to be rendered for next week. In addition to that, our animation needs to be one step past pop-thru.

The Bad ~ Please reference above. Deadlines. Team commitment. Advisor dissatisfaction. We can be better.

The Good ~ The poster is in and done. It reflects our animation nicely and we hope we can bring the quality of our renders and animation to that level. Another deadline bites the dust. Many more to come.

We hope we can impress at the presentation in Week 10.