PPJ #13 – Will Reardon

The last week was mainly a crunch to finish our  textures for the poster. We chose to render a still of our animation for our poster so that meant all parts of the still had to be in their final state. This includes character textures, of course. Not everything was texturing this week. I also spent some time polishing the animation and camera work of my scenes, using Shere Kahn’s entrance from the newest rendition of the Jungle Book as reference.

Due to Cali having a larger-than-normal workload I volunteered to texture the characters for her a week or two ago. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication about the textures. I had thought that they were mostly complete with simple shading and a smooth, cartoony style. However, they needed to be overhauled with more detail, more colors, and more texture.

This general miscommunication was revealed Thursday which led to some frantic             re-texturing as the poster was due this past Saturday. A bump map had to be made for both of the characters as well.  In addition to this, I also re-linked all previous textures in the scenes from a shader that used to work the pixar surface shader that works in the newest version of Renderman.