PPJ#13 – Aidan Dougher

This week we had bump in the road this week, a.k.a. the lobby display poster. We had planned on having it done on Thursday, along with all the textures for our environments and characters. So we paired off and worked on our individual parts of the poster, Aviva planned out the environment and textured plants, I textured plants for Aviva and tired to help out in any way that I could, Anna worked on the technical side and, and Cali and Will worked on textures for our characters. At some point in the week, Will started doing the textures for both the characters, and then came Thursday. The textures for the characters weren’t done. This became a huge problem, which lead to us scrambling to get the characters textured and done. Our poster still wasn’t done either, and that was even more of a problem. Our adviser wanted us to submit another version of the poster to him by the end of the day on Thursday, and two more versions on Friday, and two more on Saturday before handing it in. We did all of these things and handed in our final product after not sleeping.

Then everyone needed a day off after that debacle. I can’t take days off though, mostly because I’m a ball of stress and anxiety because it’s week 8. So I worked on Rigging my flower for our danger flower scene. I also worked on animating anything I could for my scene. So far the Danger Flower has been rigged and textured. All I have to do now is work on the needles that it will spew from its mouth. For some reason the blend shape won’t hook up properly to the sdk that I had set up for it. But it doesn’t matter really as long as I’m the only one animating the flower opening and closing it’s mouth it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll just have to animate it from the blend shape window. While animating this week I’ve really begun to notice how disproportionate our man is. He has tiny arms and a very long torso. His legs are also strange and clunky. But we will be able to get by. Not that the dog is much better. I did a few render tests with some terrible lighting, but they show off my flower and Anna’s awesome crystals.


The Good: We completed our poster? Yay?

The Bad: Animation is way way way way way behind. I’m not sure if anyone else on my team has worked on animation besides Anna. We also need a few more passes on the textures, and the pant’s texture on the man is way overdone.