PPJ #14 – Will Reardon

This week was nothing but animating and rendering. It was a week of straight production and I honestly liked the time spent just for animation. Although, I did end up spending more time than I would like on the whole.

After reviewing our current animations with our adviser on Thursday, we worked out fixes and got to work. On Thursday I tackled the first issue with my animations which was camera placement and cuts. A couple of my shots needed to be readjusted slightly and the cuts changed to different timings in order to allow the scene to read better. After that, I worked on render tests until I got lighting and shading I was happy with for my scene. Our overall goal was to prepare a full-pipeline scene for our meeting on Tuesday. This would display our full working pipeline and prove that we are prepared to accomplish this project.

I decided to refine the central part of my scene because I figured it would be good to polish the most important scene first. I think it went pretty well this week. Here is an example of the renders I produced.


I set about refining the animation on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a total of 36 hours spent this week. Although it was a big push I am happy with the work that came out of it.