PPJ #15- Cali Chesterman

We spent a lot of this sprint breaking our scenes, filling the server, and flooding the renderfarm. I’m considering renaming the man to Commando — he’s continuing to render with no pants, even with the evaluation frequency pass.

I have no realistic perception of what day of the week it is anymore. My hand to my forearm tingle while I work.

I’ve worked on a lot of animation, which included cutting 3 of my shots, extending 3, and consolidating 2. That gave me less work to do

We’ve broken and fixed a lot of silly things, but we’re still under the pressure of unreliable resources. We’ve been pushing the renderfarm to its limits, crashed it a few times, and and the server has only had less than 500 GB a day for all three teams to work with. When the server fills, the renders break, which includes blipping out geometry, rainbow textures, or full greyscale textures.  My 3 second render consumes 20GB alone with all its render passes, and so many frames are missing or disappear because there is no space left on the server. Our project file alone is already 700+GB.

The Good – I think we can get this project done, as long as everyone keeps this momentum.

The Bad – I don’t feel like myself.

Everyone’s personal health has declined, and we’re constantly stressed and anxious. Even with a good amount of sleep, I’m constantly exhausted. I’ve had a lot of anger and stress management problems, and sitting in a hot lab full of stressed people whose diet has only consisted of pizza, halal and food trucks amplifies it. My biggest stress factor is that I cannot change my environment – we HAVE to work in this lab. My teammates keep snipping at me and getting very defensive over little things, like being told to relax or take a few hours off to catch up on sleep. I don’t know if I know how to talk to stressed people … I thought I was being considerate, but telling someone to relax makes them — angry? The snippiness is making me hesitant to communicate with my team members; I’m struggling with my own stress, I don’t need to be on the blunt end of everyone else’s. A big lesson is not to take all of this personally, although it feels personal — a lot. I am, after all, the project manager, and continually get reminded how much better I COULD be doing. It sucks, but it’s a learning process. I cannot quit being the project manager because my emotions and feelings of incompetence are getting in the way, I just have to power though it. 

Godspeed next Senior DIGM Class.

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