Aviva Week 10 PPJ

This week I did soo much and slept so little! It’s hard to exactly differentiate what I did when because it kind of felt like one long day in the labs. I mainly worked on creating and refining animation, setting up lighting, render tests, and batch renders.

The Good: Lots of work was done and progress was made.

The Bad: 0 work-life balance. I’ve been living in the labs. I’ve averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night, with maybe two nights of regular sleep. I have once again become nocturnal. usually going to sleep around 5 am.

This past week was extremely emotionally stressful. There were many times that I was too sleep deprived to contain my emotions, and the slightest thing would set me off crying. I felt like our team was a hostile environment, but fortunately we have made a lot of resolutions and things have been better. We are trying to be conscientious towards each other but it’s hard when we are all so tired and stressed.

The best news I could’ve ever received was class being cancelled tomorrow. The idea of going to sleep tonight and not setting an alarm brings such joy to my tiny broken soul it’s hard to describe.