PPJ #15 – Will Reardon

Another production-heavy week. The week was spent polishing animation, re-framing some shots, and filling out my scene environments. It was another large push for the team in these last few weeks of winter term. I spent 35 hours on the project this week, one less than the last.

The first order of business this week was to re-frame my shots. Since our team’s last meeting with our adviser, I was told to cut off excess time that didn’t precisely serve the overall animation. This also involved certain shots being framed in closer to the characters. After doing the necessary changes and getting them approved by team members, I worked to polish my animation.

I trimmed down the number of keyframes in several of my shots in order to create a smoother animation overall. On Saturday my environments were filled with the plants our team had created earlier. Now my scenes look much better and less like blank slates.  I was also able to render my first shot successfully on the renderfarm.