PPJ#15 – Anna Rebman

This week has been a whole lot of rendering and render issues for me. I did spend a fair bit of time animating as well, but rendering has really been the bulk of this weekend. There have been issues of the man’s pants and shirt rendering as if it was in stepped preview while the rest of the rig was fine, the textures disappearing or getting funky colors on some frames, dropped frames, and the man’s pant’s geometry just straight up disappearing. Most of these issues are at least partially due to unreliability in the server connection, but all of these issues have either been solved or simply require re-rendering the frames.

We all seem to be struggling with our lighting set ups. None of us are exactly stellar at lighting apparently, but we’ll get there after a few more iterations.

One of Aviva’s shots almost got cut, and I’m glad that we decided not to cut it. We were going to replace the search scene with a shot of the man searching for the dog within the cockpit through a bunch of security feeds on monitors, which cuts down on a lot of animation but brings up so many questions about the man and why/how he has these security feeds and also compromises the emotional impact of the resolution, in my opinion. Plus the reason for cutting it was that Aviva hadn’t gotten it up to par, but by the time the cut was announced at our meeting she had stayed up all night the night before to get it up to par so the point was moot by then anyway.

Everyone’s stressed out and people are starting to get snippy with each other. I think a big part of it is sleep deprivation but it’s hard to tell someone who is anxious and sleep deprived to go home and sleep because they’ll snap at you. I’m really hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I think everyone could use a break.

The Bad: Tensions are high. We keep going through a cycle of filling up the server and trying to free up space like once a week. Backing up all our files takes like 10 hours every time we do it. We’re behind still, but I don’t think we are more behind than I would have expected. I think everyone is usually behind at this point in the senior project cycle.

The Good: Break is coming. I so need it. Everyone needs it. Desperately. I’m confident in the progress of my own shots. Everyone has been putting in a lot more hours these past few weeks which is kind of a relief but I think after tomorrow some of us may need to take a step back and breathe, or at least get one full night’s rest. I’m nervous about people who say they’re going to keep working on this full time over the break. I really want people to come back refreshed in April, and not just continue this term into the next emotionally.