PPJ#15 – Team

It’s been another production-heavy crunch week, with everyone clocking in over 30 hours. For some team members, it was spent polishing animation, re-framing or combining shots, and filling out environments. The tech-savvy group members worked on instancing, babysitting renders, and tussling with the renderfarm. Through rendering, our resources are truly being tested. The servers has crashed, computers on the render farm run out of memory or get logged off of by students that don’t know how it works, and we’ve had general rendering problems.

Some interesting issues have included frame-by-frame:
– Geometry failure (pants, shirt)
– Greyscale polys
– rainbow textures (we have called it the Gotye, from the Somebody That I Used to Know music video)
– .tex file errors

There are three animation teams, and others, who are utilizing the renderfarm. The servers we render from only have LESS than 500GB left. We’ve frantically been backing up files (which takes 10 hours) and deleting old renders and render passes, but the space is still minimal. When the server fills, the renders fail, no one can work, and new versions of files cannot be saved. We can’t even create an empty folder. If we want to get all three teams’ projects done, we will need terrabytes of space.

Servers are getting scary. Full and crashing.

The Bad —
Tension is high.  Teams, not just Dragon Bones, have had poor personal health and upkeep habits. People haven’t done laundry, grocery shopped, showered, or cooked a meal. People have been sleep-deprived and work too much, too long, and too hard, without taking breaks. The stress and anxiety has caused us to be snippy toward each other over the smallest things.

The Good — The environments have finally been instanced, but could still use some tweaks here and there. Everyone has first-pass lighting, as it fits with their time of day. Our animation is really coming together, which has been the primary source of stress for everyone. We all are looking forward to break, and hopefully can approach the project in Spring term with a fresh set of eyes.