Spring PPJ#1: Aviva Gomberg

This break was both relaxing and anxious. I had planned a trip for this break a couple months back so I was already committed to not working on senior project over break. After some very terrifying and frustrating emails from our advisor however, it took me a while to relax. I was so anxious about this coming term that I was hard to unwind.

The Bad: I am really anxious about this coming term. Last term was tough for me because I felt really unmotivated about this project but we have no time this term for melancholy and depressive episodes. I am ready to test my limits. I’m anxious because these first two weeks of term I have a lot going on outside senior project that I have to balance — there is a jewish holiday I have to miss class for as well as my sister and her family are visiting from out of the country for two weeks. I havent seen them in about 8 months so I really want to spend quality time with them but I am also feeling very “how is that going to be possible????”

The Good: I did have a very nice break! I went to Los Angeles for the first time to visit Zack Thomas Class of 2016. The weather was amazing and we went on a lot of nice walks and hikes and went to the beach and to cool places. We saw Logan which sort of scarred me and Ghost in the Shell which, while aesthetic interesting, had lackluster writing and characters, and was pretty offensive. We went to a Conan O’brian filming, and ate a lot of amazing food. LA is very cool. I feel refreshed (and sunburnt) and I’m ready to take on the term. Mentally, I am working on unscrambling my brain and I’m optimistic.