Spring Week 1 PPJ – Anna Rebman

One week off and I feel a bit more refreshed though the stress of what still needs to be done kept me from coming back as refreshed as I had hoped I would be. Hopefully the warmer weather will help with lightening tension so we can focus on being productive. We all searched for tv & movie clips that match the context of our scenes. Though the Black Stallion is an awful movie, it does share some elements of our plot. How to Train Your Dragon is a better quality example. The Good Dinosaur had some great parallels but not with my scene in particular. More for Aidan’s scene.

The Bad: Lots to do. Faculty are concerned we won’t get it done. I’m mostly concerned about the actual quality of the finished product, which is kind of the same thing but a little different.

The Good: I cut my hair, I cleaned my room, I did my laundry and the grocery shopping. Everything that I had been neglecting in favor of the project I have finally had a chance to catch up on. I’m glad to be rid of last term’s classes, though I don’t expect this term to be much better at least it’s something different.