Spring PPJ#1 : Cali Chesterman

This is it. Don’t get scared now.

After meeting with a faculty advisor over spring break, I took the week off, away from the project and reconsidered what I think is important and how I’m going to change steering this ship so we can get back on course.

The Bad: We got threatened to be failed. I am not going to let senior project stop me from getting my degree, I have worked too long and too hard. We are better than this. I’ve had to drastically reduce my hours at work, but it very much feels like I quit — to get this done. I hope it pays off.

The Good: Finally caught up on my personal health. I feel refreshed. I’ve had some friends who have already graduated mentor me, telling me that some things get better while others are worse. I should be working 9-6pm now, every day of the week.