Spring PPJ #1 – Team

Everyone took a much-needed break to recoup from last term. Household chores were finally done, hairs were finally cut, and health increased as team members spent time with their friends and loved ones, taking the week to be themselves again. Everyone needed a week to step away and vegetate, cutting off the extreme negativity from last term.

Workwise, Aidan spent a lot of time doing 2D, hand-painted sky matte paintings for everyone’s environment, while Will re-worked the ship to make up for a technical hiccup last term. Three of us met with faculty advisor Nick J to discuss the state of our project, organization, and moving forward, which was both a nice push and pick-me-up.

The Good: Everyone is refreshed and ready to tackle this term.

The Bad: We don’t want to focus on the bad. It’s exhausting. We just have to get Alone? done!