Aviva Week 2 PPJ

THE GOOD: This week was rough! I started out with a lot of momentum and motivation. I put a personal emphasis on organization, workflow and pipeline, because I think its really important for our team in order that we work efficiently. I think proper organization and communication is the key for getting our project done at this point. I put together two breakdowns — one of production responsibilities broken down as far as could, everything that needs to be done for environment, rendering, post, etc. The second one was a breakdown of what needs to be done for our animation. I know for me it’s very helpful to make a very specific list of everything that needs to be done, so instead of saying like “Cali, polish scene 4” we could say “Cali, fix the IK pop in scene 4, shot 6”. I did some experimentation for matte paintings, and I cleaned up textures and made some varieties of plants so that when we instance them they will look more diverse.

THE BAD: Things went south pretty quickly for this week. I got really frustrated because our adviser is being extremely strict with us sending him daily updates of all our progress, but during our meeting he revealed that he didn’t really look at any of the things I had sent him. This was upsetting. Speaking to other people in our group, it sounds like this current system is actually slowing down progress and I don’t know what we should do about that. I felt that while we were behind where we wanted to be, we were capable of handling things and getting everything under control and I have a lot of confidence in our team but now I feel like our team is under a bit of a choke hold where we’re not actually working in a pipeline that is best for our team, and were not working on the aspects of our project that need the most work.

Passover starts tonight and my sister and her family came in last week and it’s really really hard to prioritize senior project when I want to spend time with her and my nephews + niece because I am only able to see them at most, twice a year. I went home for Shabbat which I didn’t initially plan on but again, it’s really hard to know my entire family is getting together and being cute and not be a part of it. On top of being home for some of last week, I got really sick on Friday and have been consistently really sick since then. I’ve had a fever every night, my sinuses are busting out of my face, and every time I’ve done anything I feel like I’m about to faint. For me, this was extremely bad timing because I had these past couple of days I could work, and I am locked in to go home for the first couple days of Passover — tonight until Wednesday night. So, productivity wise, it’s terrible. Currently 4/5 of our team is sick. This is extremely bad for progress.