Spring PPJ #2 : Cali Chesterman

This week has been about organization of files to keep other team members on task and polishing up some textures. I updated textures on the man, dog, and all the plants so that we can see their brushstrokes in the lights. Part of the faculty feedback was that our pastel colored environment is boring and makes it feel unfinished, and stepping back from the project helped me understand what they meant. The pastel that we were going for got lost the lights, so it was a matter of pumping up saturation and highlighting the variation of colors. I also set up dope sheets for team members so they can look at the most crucial scenes for editing, which included group crits. We’ve been tasked with updating our scenes with new lighting set-ups again, so we’re trying to get through that. Got done some weight-painting for the man, who was negllected and spent a lot of time clearing out old caches, renders, and files so we have space on the server (Our project file has gone from 800GB to 8 GB… that feels great). Also deleted a lot of old, outdated files because naming conventions have not been consistent, and people have been getting confused.

The Good: The primary foci have been lighting, organization, and cleaning server space so we can work more efficiently and start the term with a fresh start.

The Bad: 4 out of 5 of us got sick this past week. People have been less productive. Anna is just barely dodging the bullet. And our advisor doesn’t want us to work on animation, but I really want to work on animation.

This is how Anna sees us, because we are all sick.