Spring PPJ#2: Team

4 out of 5 of us are down for the count and have been hit with some nasty sickness that has dehabilitated us to bedridden fury. The inability to even lift our limbs, not to mention our heads, has caused a major halt in productivity. This week we were tasked by our advisor to do, yet again, another iteration of lighting, with a restriction that nothing on the animation end is allowed to be touched. Team members have been working on different iterations of moving matte paintings, but our advisor decided that still images are better so those are getting cut as well. Textures for the man, dog, and environment have been punched up to better reflect the painterly look we’ve been going for.

The Good: We’ve had success polishing textures and matte paintings for final comp. Lighting is stronger this term than it was last term. On the project management side, some team members had requested a dope sheet to work on the timing of their animations, and to have a visual aid with the crits they’ve received on certain shots, so that has been provided.

The Bad: Our advisor is requiring daily check-ins, with the expectation that people will work every day. This has had varying effects on different team members, which you can read about in individual PPJs. We’ve also been restricted from doing animations until the lighting is done, which has frustrated team members who just want to go back to animating. Although the intent is to be well-rounded, everyone doesn’t want to be well-rounded and we’re lacking some direction. The other obvious “bad” is the sickness, which has forced teammates to not leave their homes or be productive.