Spring Week 2 PPJ – Anna Rebman

Everyone is working on lighting this week. We weren’t allowed to work on any animation this week, so I just did daily iterations of lighting all week.

This is the current line up for each shot’s lighting. I had to adapt the lighting for each camera angle and do some light linking to prevent the dramatic rim lights from blowing out the ground.

The Bad: Everyone is sick. There is a really bad bug that is going around. People who catch it literally cannot get out of bed or stay awake. So far I am healthy, but the rest of our team has not been so lucky. Aidan and Will got it first really bad. Then Aviva caught it, and now Cali is starting to feel it. I do not want to be sick. We cannot afford to have our entire team bedridden. The server also already went down last night for a while, so I hope that’s not going to be a frequent problem this term.

The Good: I’ve been keeping up with the daily check-ins so far. I’m not sure this is the best system though because I feel like I would be more productive if I could take a day off and then come back to it. Everyday I’m like “I just worked on this, I don’t want to work on it again so soon… I’ll just do an hour and leave.” But then everyday it’s like that because everyday I work on it and I’m not allowed to move on to animation yet so it’s the same thing every single day and I never want to do more than I absolutely have to. Also, our adviser can’t respond to all our emails every single day, but if I don’t get feedback I don’t know what to change. I’m really not very good with lighting; if someone doesn’t tell me what’s wrong with it I’m not going to be able to make it better. One actually good thing is that the weather has been nice, but so far this is only adding to my desire to be anywhere but in the labs.