Aviva Week 3 PPJ

This week was very busy! I got a late start to working on senior project this week because I was home for Passover from Monday night to Wednesday night. It was very stressful to not be able to work those days and I had to fit a heavy week’s worth of work into just Thursday — Sunday. It’s been rough.

The good: I got a lot done for environment & lighting. I worked on the instances for the first scene & the ship environment, trying to make everything look well blended together & fit well with in the landscape. I worked on strategically placing plants places to mask the repetitiveness of the instances. For the ship scene I placed in Hoodoos & a background plane so that we have more layers & depth in our background, helping to make the hoodoos fit more naturally as well. I worked on lights for the search scenes, the first images below.

The bad: In the first image for the search scene I still have adjustments to make in the environment (specific to my shot) and in the second I have to fix the light linking issue we are having with our instances) . Overall, I feel good about the amount of work I have accomplished this week, though it wouldve been nice to be able to work more. Have been losing it slightly but at least I’m productive.


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  1. In a recent Lobster meeting, we mentioned the Hoodoos in your project, and Brendan was pretty sure they got cut. We all briefly mourned their loss. We’re so happy they’re coming back!


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