Spring PPJ #3 – Team

Our advisor tasked us with locking lighting and environment work by Monday, so from here on, we can focus on animation. We think we’ve hit our mark, but with spotty communication from our advisor, it can be hard to tell what feedback he’ll have. We’ve run into a few bugs, found by Anna, with render layers. As we’re trying to render out our environments separate from our characters, which requires shadow passes. However, this doesn’t work with Maya 2016.5, which is frustrating. She also found a bug with our particle instance, which collect too much light and get overexposed, which was (thankfully) a simple light filter trick.

The Good ~ Environments locked. Matte paintings done. Danger Flower rig done (again). Ship done (again). Lights locked. Overexposure instancer bug fixed.

The Bad ~ Shadow render layers not fixed. Advisor not communicating much, and we need him in this final stretch.

One thought on “Spring PPJ #3 – Team

  1. With environments like those, I’m not sure why your astronaut would want to ever leave! Can I get a wallpaper sized version of that second render?


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