Spring PPJ #3 – Will Reardon

This past week I spent updating and tweaking lighting and textures. I also made some pretty large changes to the camera placements in my scene.

The readjustment of my shots was to more simply serve the animation. The same general mood and scene is delivered, but in a lot less time. This creates a simpler, cleaner scene for both animation and story. Now the camera stays more or less in one place, with only one major move. There is a zoom out on the initial shot in order to reveal the dog in the background. We start closer in on the man as he looks at the environment in the foreground. Then the camera cuts a little farther back to reveal the dog watching the man. The man becomes aware of the dog and there is a moment of recognition for both of the characters. Then the man simply walks off screen, wary of the dog. The dog pauses, then follows.

Other than shot readjustment, I spent my time refining some textures. The ship has been textured for a while but I decided to more precisely break up its UVs in order to focus on those areas more while texturing. I also UV’d the control console of the ship as I had not done that before.

This past week I also finalized my scene’s lighting. This consisted of small changes to overhead distant light and adding a rim light to the man.

In total, I spent about 20 hours on the project this week.