Spring PPJ#3 Aidan Dougher

Did I work this week? Yes. What did I work on? No clue. Been logging hours on teamwork so obviously I did something. I worked a lot on the new Matte paintings for our sky for this week and am still waiting on our professor’s approval, but it seems that even though I sent them to him to look at on Thursday, he still hasn’t really seen them. Which is concerning because they have been done all weekend and I don’t think he knows that. I re-shot some reference footage on Friday so that my newly re-blocked scene can animated. I also worked a little bit on the lighting for my scene, but I mainly focused on trying to get my lights to look like day time but not look like I have a ton of over exposed plants. Which my scene, for the past couple of iterations has had a ton of over exposed plants. But Anna found a fix for it! Yay Anna! I made another blend shape for when the dog has the needle sticking out of his paw. I worked on Easter which wasn’t fun but was necessary, and I worked at my job all weekend. I’m so tired and the term has only begun.

The Good: Animation is getting done, the Matte paintings are done.

The Bad: Communication with our adviser seems to be amiss, and we only have a few more weeks to lock everything down before we are presenting. I’m tired already.