Spring Term PPJ #3 – Anna Rebman

So I’ve spent the last week trying to figure out Maya 2016.5’s new render setup system for render layers. Didn’t work. It’s really buggy, and I think they probably just abandoned it when Maya 2017 came out. Unfortunately, we do not have Maya 2017, so no render layers for us. However, a different issue that we had (that we thought we were going to fix with render layers, see my post about it here) I was able to solve without render layers, so our render times will not be as efficient as they could have been, but at least we can move forward. We start animating again today! Woo!

The problem with the render setup is that the shadow layer doesn’t work. Also sometimes layers become unclickable and undeletable for no reason and the problem persists even when you open it on a different computer. So I just permanently have a broken empty render layer now.

The Bad: Whole week of work and I still couldn’t get it to work. I’m a little frustrated with Autodesk for giving us a feature they didn’t even test, and now I can’t even delete the stupid thing.

The Good: Figured out the issue with our instances being overexposed because they were ignoring our light linking, and now we can start animating again. Aside from any unforeseen issues that may pop up later, polishing our animation is the only thing left to do before we let our music people do their thing and render it out. Yay!