PPJ#4 – Aidan Dougher

So this week I reanimated my entire scene. It was the worst, and it now is pretty choppy. Hopefully I will be able to get it looking better before our presentation. But, with many things, I might not be able to get it to the same place that it was in when the professors saw it last time. I also won’t get a chance to batch render before we present. I could try but I won’t have enough time with my renders being seven minutes long per frame, and even longer when it is on the farm. I also am unsure as to how happy the farm would be with my ground having a normals map on it now. I had my entire weekend off, and all I did was animate and work on homework. I really need a mental health day, unfortunately with rising tensions I will not be able to get a mental health day until my animation is completed and looks wonderful and is put through our render pipeline into our edit and then I will be able to rest. That won’t be for another month though. I don’t have motivation to work on this project right now, and with our adviser wanting us to work on senior project and check in with him everyday, I can’t take a day off. Even if I eventually get my scene looking fantastic by some miracle. I rendered out all of my scenes for Anna to set up nuke files for, and I’m concerned about our WIP video we have to have by the presentation. No one has worked on it yet, and I want to take on the task to get out of the funk of constantly animating. I like animating, but with the fact that I restarted from scratch I am very, very tired. I also need to apply to Jobs, but I have no idea what I’m qualified for, and I don’t have an updated reel or resume, and I don’t have time for these things. So that’s my state of being. Hurray.

The Good: We are almost there, polish polish polish.

The Bad: I am worn out, and I’m sure my team members are too. We don’t have much time, and I want to apply to Jobs right now, but have no time to put a reel together.