This Sprint is focused on gathering materials for our faculty “polish” presentation. We are working hard to get to that point and continue to hit a few speed bumps. The renderfarm is still a bit spotty, but again, a renderfarm is better than no farm. Anna is near completion of her Starry Night scene and has rendered out her sequences on the farm with a lot of success, with the exception of an eye rigging bug that we didn’t catch until last week and have been struggling to fix (it’s fixed!)

The Good ~ Polish, polish, polish! Render, render, render!  We’re almost there. A lot of shots are in a good spot and need to be sent to the farm. Nuke Comps have been set up so post can start as soon as EXR sequences come in.

The Bad ~ The team is getting burnt out quickly again. We are now solely focused on animation and it can get boring doing the same thing day in and day out. We’re working through it. We hope the farm also stays alive enough for us to render in time for the showcase. If my calculations are correct, f DragonBones had no render farm and had to render everything from one computer, at the max amount of time it takes to render one frame, it would take 68 days to render. We have 43 days until our project is day. Worst case scenario, with most efficient render time on one computer is 21 days. We have that kinda time, and with that being the worst case scenario, we have a lot of buffer with the farm and having multiple computers available to us.