Spring PPJ #4 – Will Reardon

This past week was spent primarily on animation. After changing my shots last week and creating a basic pop through of the new Scene 1, I had a lot of animation and polish to complete.

I started out by taking my pop through of the first scene and making sure the timing was right. I checked in with our team’s advisor several times to confirm the placement, timing, and actions of the camera and characters. On Wednesday I finalized the timing and pushed the pop through to a full animation. Thursday I again worked on the animation of the first scene and created a walk cycle for the man in the opening shot of our animation.

Both Friday and Saturday were spent polishing the animations of both the opening scene and the first scene. On Sunday I added a camera to the opening scene and created the shots. Upon reaching a comfortable place with my animations I created new playblasts and compiled them with the rest of the team for the next iteration of our animation.

In total I have worked approximately 26 hours this week. This time was mainly spent on animation of my scenes.