Spring Term PPJ #4 – Anna Rebman

So the render farm has been an issue this week, which sucks because we have another presentation tomorrow. We’ve been trying to fix all our render issues and animate this week. The man’s eyes turned out to have an issue that we hadn’t caught before and I was able to fix that, though there was some confusing weirdness after I fixed it where the parent constraint only worked in the renders if it was keyed. which makes the point moot for us but still kind of tripped us up for a bit.

I’m working on setting up comps for us all in Nuke, but people have not been delivering when I ask for renders, so it’s been a slow process.

The Bad: We aren’t going to have all our shots rendered tomorrow. Even if the render farm had been working all week, we can’t animate and render at the same time and we weren’t going to take the week off while we render.

The Good: I feel like I am personally in a good spot, but I’m worried about our team as a whole getting up to the quality we need. I really don’t want to not graduate because of someone else’s shot not being good enough, but aside from literally doing it for them (which is what might have to end up happening) I don’t think there is anything that we can do and it’s very frustrating and anxiety inducing. If my grade and my future didn’t rely on anyone else right now I would not be worried.