Spring PPJ #5 – Will Reardon

Animation was the task of the week again. I am animating both the first scene and our establishing shot. This past week I worked specifically on animating the man’s walk cycle in each scene.

For the establishing shot the man is just walking away from his ship and gazing around at his new environment. So really, the only animation in the scene is the man’s walk. However, he is also pretty small in the shot so I was not going to tweak it to perfection because there is likely no discernible difference when it is rendered. I worked for a couple days on his walk making sure that the timing and movement of his body (waist, chest, and shoulders) flowed naturally.

For scene 1, I worked on the smaller but more nuanced walk the man does to exit the scene. Here he slowly turns, then begins to walk away. He slows slightly and looks back at the dog, then returns to speed and leaves the scene. With this walk I focused a lot on the hips and feet placement to make sure the legs look like they are realistically supporting his weight. I still have some work to do with his torso and arms.

I also rendered my scenes on the renderfarm to make sure we have something to use. As usual the results were mixed. Most of the frames were fine but a few lost textures or lighting.