Spring PPJ#5 – Cali Chesterman

Another productive sprint with a 40 hour week. My lower back is sore and my wrist’s nerves are pinching. My goal is to get all my animations done by Thursday.

Project management has been my personal hell. I am constantly being hit by the blunt end of my teammates stress sticks and told how unsympathetic I’m being. In this type of environment, where our “personal” lives are so intertwined with our “working” lives, team members have a REALLY hard time separating them. The reality is that, as of this post, we have 36 days to complete senior project. Two teammates and myself are at render stages. As I polish my shots, they go straight to render. At least half of the frames fail. The teammates who are behind are not being realistic about the resources we have and the hours needed to put into polish. One teammate is being overburdened, but refuses to share shots. I am confident that this teammate can complete their work and make it look good, but we’re OUT OF TIME for possessiveness. Another teammate hasn’t been using the project management system, reporting hours, or checking off tasks, and it looks like little to no animation progress every week. What is this mess?

I can’t even bring these horses to the water’s edge. They sure as hell ain’t drinking.

The Bad ~ My teammates are stressing me out and are behind. I can’t understand the logic of “I have too much work, but I vehemently refuse help”. I also can’t understand needing more structure, but refusing to even log-in to the structure that exists. I keep getting berated for being bad at communicating deadlines, although, the deadline of senior project was no surprise and everyone knew it was coming. I try not to micro-manage people and their timelines, but now this is getting ridiculous.

The Good~ I am still in a good spot with my animations and should be done by Thursday. Then I can take on Aidan/Aviva shots.