Spring PPJ#5 – Team

The team is in different stages of animation, rendering, and polish. Starry Night is the furthest along, almost 100% polished and rendered, with minor tweaks here and there. First Appearance and Go Away are both 80-90% done their animations and being rendered on the farm. Danger Flower and Search/Reunion have the most polish to go and haven’t started rendering much beyond the singular EXRs for compositing. These scenes will ultimately be split among the team to lighten the workload for the other two team members. Team members have until May 11 to share shots, and all animation should be completed by May 21. Those are hard deadlines. We also have a music industry animation lock this week and need to shorten the animations as soon as possible.

The Good ~ Three of the major scenes are almost 100% at polish and are rendering on the farm.

The Bad ~ Two scenes aren’t ready for polish and rendering, and take up about half of the run-time.The team is cutting it close.