Spring Term PPJ #5 – Anna Rebman

Animating, rendering, compositing, rerendering, reanimating, rendering again, repeat.

The Good: It’s a lot easier to cross things off our to-do list now that what we have to do is just animating, rendering, and compositing. My shots are in a good place to start rendering the final renders.

The Bad: We are definitely going to have to redistribute animation workload, because some people are just not getting their shots done. It really sucks because I have been getting my work done, and in another project I’d be satisfied to just do it and trust that the other person will get a lower grade, but this is our senior project. We should not be having this problem with senior project. Regardless of how much work people put in individually, it will still go on their portfolios. And if one person drops the ball on their shots, then we all fail. And I do mean Fail. I cannot afford to fail. I cannot afford another term, and I will not let someone else’s work ethic decide whether or not I graduate college.