PPJ# 6 Aidan Dougher

I am on my first week without a job. Hurray, I need to start my search for after graduation. Our team lead is not being the leader that they need to be and got scared by something last week, and now they are taking it out on everyone. There is no structure to our pipeline, there is nothing being planned correctly. If I am done with my entire animation by next week, I should have something else to work on, I shouldn’t be able to twiddle my thumbs and just relax, but as it stands, there is nothing to work on. It is week 6 of the last term, and we barely have our animation together. Our team lead is worried about resources and keeps saying that we don’t have enough, we need to get this done now. But, we all have been rendering, we all have been doing our share. The fact that she thought something was finalized because it took her a week to render, but had never gotten the okay from everyone that it was finalized is just crazy. We need more communication, we sit next to each other in the labs every day but there seems to be a lack of it when it comes to final renders. Nothing should be finalized unless the team gives it an okay. You can’t go off on your own and say “whelp took me a week to render this, couldn’t possibly spare time to render it again, so, its finalized. Don’t need to inform my team.” Everyone on our team needs a structure where our animation gets passed by everyone, then it can be rendered the final time and not need any adjustments. Not everyone has to be happy with the animation, but if the animation is overall a positive and there are only a few negative things about it, it can be sent to the render farm. Our team lead also has imposed deadlines on us which is fine, but she imposed deadlines on certain people and I have a feeling that she isn’t imposing them on herself. She also made these deadlines last week and gave us a week and a half to figure out how we were going to accomplish that goal. She doesn’t seem to realize that she has become a bit of a tyrant. Another problem that I have been having with our team lead is that all last term and this term, when we would have our Monday meetings, she would schedule them and not really care is some of us, namely Will and myself couldn’t make it. It’s not a team meeting if everyone isn’t there. I had told her this several times, but it seems that she was only thinking of how to schedule it so that she could catch the bus home.

Now that I’m done with that rant, onto what I worked on this week. I worked on Animation mostly, and I attempted to make a  better blendshape for Anna using a script called extractdeltas but that doesn’t seem to be working. I need access to the plugins on the computer that I choose to do the blendshape on, and the lab computers don’t allow me access. I am trying to see if I can do it on my own or someone else’s computer who has maya 2016.5, but haven’t had much luck. I also had to go in and fix the dog and man’s outer eyes for my scene because they were overblow due to our over exposed lighting. My animation is slowly getting to the point where it needs to be, I still have a lot to fix and I need more feedback. But I also am working under the impression that my shots are going to be taken away from me, which minimizes my part in the project, another thing my team lead and I don’t see eye to eye on. I get that my scenes aren’t where they need to be, but giving me a week and a half’s notice that they are going to be taken from me if I don’t have them up to par is some bullshit. My team lead and I had a discussion last week where I said ” hey, your going to impose deadlines, you have to let me know about it way before it happens so that I can plan accordingly.” But right after that she imposed another surprise deadline. I have two more classes than our team lead, and she seems to think that because she works and is taking two classes this term, she knows what I’m going to be capable of, maybe she does because this was her situation last term, but this is being a little absurd. I’m just fed up with how things are being run, because they aren’t being run efficiently, and they aren’t being run with everyone in mind. I might have to deal with this in a workplace setting, but our team lead is not my boss, I get equal say in what happens. She is supposed to plan out the pipeline of our project and make sure that we all are getting things in on time. She hasn’t done that until last week, and even then, she hasn’t planned it all the way through.

I’ve been doing a couple of test renders of my more finished scenes to see how everything plays, and have been getting render errors, but I think that my have been my fault since apparently my renders having been getting enough memory dedicated to them. I’m still animating these scenes and they aren’t finalized but it’s good to see what goes terrible wrong and what doesn’t.

The Good: Final Stretch of our animation is here, just a few more weeks and we will be done.

The Bad: I am mad and will probably remain mad at some of the bullshit that is going on. I am an angry person right now, and don’t want to deal with the team lead’s bullshit, or anyone else’s really. I just want to get my part done efficiently and be proud of it, I don’t want it minimized because the team lead got scared. I need help in moderation, I don’t need the team lead thinking that she is the overlord of this project so she can give and take as she pleases. My contributions won’t bring the team down if I take a bit longer. Our project won’t fall into chaos if I need three extra days with my work.