Spring Term PPJ #6 – Anna Rebman

I feel like I’m getting really close to done with my animation. There’s still plenty of refinement to do, but refinement could also go on forever and ever, so I feel like at the very least I am in the final stretch. I’m going to be helping with other people’s shots eventually though most likely. I wish being in a good place with my own work was all that mattered, but the result will be the same even if only one person doesn’t finish and right now there is a lot of possessiveness and pride about letting other people help with shots, which is infuriating and really unprofessional and a major source of stress and insomnia for me right now.


The Bad: I’m really worried about the pace other people have been going with getting their animation done. I haven’t been seeing the leaps and strides that I’d like to see with the time we have left. As Cali starts trying to be tougher about deadlines, there’s been a lot of resistance and outright refusal to her requests.

The Good: My own shots are getting done. I’m not worried about rendering them, as I have been rendering regularly as shots get refined.