Spring PPJ # 6 – Cali Chesterman


29 days until the senior show deliverables are due.

My priorities this week have been to maximize render efficiency on the farm through archiving, finalize polish on all of my shots to send to the renderfarm (so I can take up the animations of my teammates, who are still not close to polish), and calculate resources the team has and does not have.The team needs to be scathingly aware of how little time left we actually have to work, and are underestimating the time it will take to render their shots. The resources I am referring to are people’s weekly hour output vs. quality output, renderfarm reliability, rendering resources as two other animation teams are rendering, server space (1 second of our animation with passes takes 4-6 GB of space… for a 4:36 runtime…), and physical workspace as underclassmen creep into finals, and my teammates are dealing with other classes on top of graduation and post-graduation prep.


Backdrop for our Senior Showcase Deck, Draft 01

With these things in mind, and a reminder from our program coordinator that there “is no late” for senior project, I have had to make some difficult decisions about deadlines. With the goal of being able to walk on stage and present our project at senior show, these decisions are:
* May 11 — last solo day for teammates to work on their scene, and reallocate shots to teammates further along. This has been met with mixed responses

* May 21 — animation lock. Teammates need time to render and re-render as necessary. From the username logs on the renderfarm, I know some teammates have not been outputting render sequences to see how their scenes interact with the farm, which I know will cause difficulties later. Setting these deadline allows us to address these issues, not as pressed up against the clock.

The Good ~ I’ve still been working long hours and getting a lot accomplished in terms of my animation, archiving, and rendering, as well as the other administrative tasks that comes with being the project manager. I am confident that I can pick up other people’s workloads so the overall quality of the project can be increased and we can be prepared to tackle senior project with flying colors.

The Bad ~ I’m being met with a lot of resistance about deadlines, but the fact is, with the hours that people put in and the quality of work that comes out, the one thing I cannot grant is more time. There is no time left for possessiveness and perfectionism. June 6th – we have the project done or we do not. I’m not budging.