Spring PPJ #6 – Team

We sent out a time-lock for music industry last week! We’re excited for the collaboration.

The team is still in varying stages of animation and rendering. There has been a large push to get teammates who are further along to get their animations in a satisfactory enough state and take shots from teammates who are still far behind on their animations. All of the deliverables are due June 6, so that leaves us with 29 until it’s due, but definitely not 29 days to work!

The Good ~ The renders are coming out nicely! Team members are ready to start picking up other people’s animations to bring them closer to polish.

The Bad ~ The deadlines imposed by the project manager have been met with a lot of resistance. June 6th is the project due date, and there is no time left for possessiveness and perfectionism, especially when those who are behind have barely started rendering. Resources are, and have been, major concern.