Spring Term PPJ #7 – Anna Rebman

This week was mostly prep for the presentation tomorrow, which is our first practice run of our final showcase presentation with the faculty present to give us their thoughts.
I’ve spent a lot of this week rendering and composting. I’ve also spent a lot of time on the final shot and this super cool fluid sim.
The Bad: This presentation tomorrow has not had enough time dedicated to it this week, because we also have an animation lock coming up real soon, and that has been at a higher priority.
The Good: Things are really starting to come together. I was able to render all but two of my shots for tomorrows presentation. I’m almost done with animating the starry night scene, the simulation got setup without too much trouble (but we’ll still have to see how it renders). Everyone’s making good progress on their shots. The cookie cutter should come any day now. The shirts are coming next week. We may not be 100% ready for tomorrow, but we’ll be 100% ready at the showcase.