Spring PPJ #8 – Cali Chesterman

I spent this sprint scatterbrained and feeling very counterproductive, even though I made a lot of animation progress for our March 21 animation lock. I’ve been neglecting two semi-serious infections that I thought would go away on their own, that landed me at the doctor, and almost the hospital had I waited any longer… Personal health has not been my priority. I’ve tried helping on shots from my teammates, and ended up getting two shots with walk cycles. I realized my shots don’t have the man walking on a flat surface. I suck making it look right with our characters’ proportions, so I had to give them back :/ On the other hand, I got two shots with focus on the dog and facial expressions, and that worked out a lot better. I think I’m growing an interest in facial animations and quadruped animations.

My animations are ok, but definitely not great. I’ve spent the week rendering everything I had in the state it was, so at least there is a version of rendered animation that exists. I plan to re-render the new animations once everyone has a version of their animation existing. My primary concern is still rendering and resources – I want everything to get done on time. I’ve gotten a lot of backlash from my team and advisor for having this mindset, so I’ve taken a step back and kept quieter. Now that animation lock has happened, I hope everyone is now in the “THIS NEEDS TO BE RENDERED OMG” mindset.

Sometimes the man loads without hair. It’s a strange bug we get from time to time. Ohhhhhh well.

The Good ~ I’m happy Will used my nostril flare rig in his animation. I’m happy that our animation is locked. We looked over some old playblasts and versions of our animation, and boy, have we made a lot of progress. After animating so much, I realize how much I like FK arm controllers. I wish I had done a lot of things a little differently, but now I know for next time.

This is one of the animations I took for Search. I like working with facial animations a lot

The Bad ~ I have a lot of anxiety about rendering and making sure frames come out properly. I have to go in and adjust the lighting for some of my shots (gross). I hope the antibiotics clear up my infection so I don’t get hospitalized. People keep telling me congratulations on graduating, but it hasn’t happened yet – such a tease.

We still get occasional render errors. The sims in Takeoff explode sometimes.

We’re almost there. I can taste it. (Wait, no, that’s just bile again).