Spring PPJ #8 – Team

With 15 days to go until Senior Project is due, the team put in a lot of hard hours this sprint to reach our March 21 animation lock. While the animations could be better (can’t they always be better?), we’re now focusing on rendering, re-rendering, and post. We’re looking forward to babysitting the render farm and recording failed frames so we can render them again!

How dare you

Walk cycles were completed. Dogs were emoted. The team has been under a lot of stress between shuffling shots between team members, arguing with our advisor over extreme last minute changes, and general lack of personal health. There have been a lot of late nights for everyone. We’re happy to close the chapter of animation to focus on rendering, compositing, post and getting the project done. We’re also excited to work on the deliverables for the Senior Show and get our animation out into the world – but we gotta render it first.

The Good ~ Animation is wrapped up. Let the Render Games commence! We still get errors from time to time, which has offered some good comic relief.

On to rendering~!

The Bad ~ Classes are in session from 9am-9pm during the week. Very concerned about having the resources to render the project out.