Spring Term PPJ #8 – Anna Rebman

Animation lock yesterday, which meant a lot of long nights for everyone. Thankfully, we can all breathe a bit more now as we send things to the farm and focus on the presentation. Really excited to see what the sound team is working on. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet with them soon.

In addition to animation, I’ve been working on presentation stuff and other promotional things. The poster has been updated, and the trailer has gone through several revisions. Our t-shirts and cookie cutter arrived as well.

The Bad: The last few days have been really pretty unhealthy. Several members of our team are getting sick again, and in the days leading up to the animation lock people have been working 14 hour days and coming back in with only three hours of sleep. Several shots had to be redistributed in order to get them done in time. The good half of this is that instead of tension and aggression, we all just got really silly by the early morning. It’s very relieving to be able to cross shots off the list for good.

The Good: Locking anything down is kind of nerve wracking, and animation lock is a big deal since we’ve saying that that is our focus for this project, but we really needed that deadline and to be rendering. Anything that really needs work can just be rendered last, since we can’t put every shot on the farm at the same time. So there is some leniency for the time being.