PPJ#9 Aidan Dougher – Post Mortem

Working as a Team is hard. It’s really hard when you put like minded stubborn people into the same group. Its also hard when people don’t swallow their pride often enough to get the job done. This project has been frustrating, and projects will always be frustrating, but this project is frustrating because people would dance around what needed to be done, and not actually do it. At least four of five of us wanted to be leaders, but only one of us should have been a leader. Not all of us stepped up to where we needed to be, but in the end, we got an animation done, and we should be proud of that. This isn’t as easy as the professors might make you believe it to be. This process was completely new to most of us, and it’s difficult to get into the grove of it if you don’t know how to work in a pipeline process with several other people (especially people who think they are hotshots). Dragon Bones Productions ended up getting it done though, and that is what we should reflect on when we are out of Drexel.

Things that went right:

1.) We decided what we wanted early on, we knew that we wanted to do, all we needed was to do it.

2.) We has a good set of team members that could get the project done and make it look nice.

3.) We all were able to come together to get our project done, and we ended up needing no speaking parts!!

Things that went Wrong:

1.) Some people on our team didn’t get their stuff done on time, even though we had systems in place to get the word out about how these things should get done and who should do them.

2.) There was a lot, a lot, a lot of arguing on how we should go about getting things done in the project. This didn’t help anyone, and people became so upset with other members that communication broke down. The fact that Professors kept giving dumb advice every single presentation to didn’t help. We should be allowed to not listen to any professors without it effecting our grade.

3.) We didn’t get the animation to where it needed to be. I would label everything under Could Be SOOO much Better, we had a lot of draw backs though.

Lessons Learned:

1.) People suck, myself included. Working with inexperienced members for a production that was supposed to be what we wanted, and ended up being something that we kinda just had to deal with, also is terrible. But I learned that you have to live with the hand dealt to you. There is no way for you to tell someone that they might be wrong without being an asshole.

2.) Having a better plan going into a project would have been useful. We had the outline of a plan, which we thought was good because we knew we might get derailed at some points. But because our plan was so flexible we went off on tangents that eventually got cut anyway. We wasted a lot of time trying to please everyone, but if we had a solid plan going into everything, we might have been able to brush off the comments from the professors with more ease.

3.) Not everyone can swallow their pride, not even you. While I am very stubborn, so were most of my teammates, and having so many people like that on a team is terrible. There were times when I wanted my teammates to just listen to themselves and understand that the way they were going about something could be done other ways, and there were times where I felt my teammates were getting to much into everyone else’s business. I am also guilty of all of those things, but I’m only human, and so are my teammates. We really needed a person to calm the masses, but we didn’t have anyone. I’m not sure if there is anyway to fix this necessarily, but I can try to be better, I can try to swallow my pride more often. I felt like I was already doing that a lot this year, but I guess I just have to try harder in my future endeavors.